Life in the Quiet

My last blog was about the difference, in my mind, between hibernation and isolation. In the past month or so I've learned some things about myself, which can be a little unnerving, and about others, which can also be unnerving.

1) Life keeps going on around me, even as I'm hibernating. My people are still experiencing their highs and lows, and pulling me into their spheres, even as I'm hibernating. And that's okay. I love that my people want me to share in their bests and their worsts. It's a blessing and an honor to be deeply connected, at a soul level, with my loved ones to where they want me to be part of their lives on a daily basis.

2) I don't know why, but I drink more tea during hibernation than coffee. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. But there it is. Tetley or PG Tips are my favorites. Right now, Tetley is in heavy rotation.

3) I feel a sense of peace and anticipation about what awaits me as I come out of hibernation. And that sense of anticipation seems to grow as the days go by. I am finding myself feeling little moments of excitement about the first in-person event of the year in March. By the middle of December last year, I was personed out. I was evented out. I had been showed out. But now, about a month later, I'm feeling the stirrings of excitement to see the people at the show and talk with them about natural soap and skin care and beeswax candles.

4) I have a goat that might be due a little sooner than I thought. It's still a little ways off, but she might be ready to give birth by the late middle-end of this month. I thought she'd go mid-March. Goats, man. They keep me on my toes.

And 5) I think I've fallen in love with heirloom vegetables. I planted a few last summer - tomatoes, green and yellow beans, and beets. I planted other things, too, those were just the heirloom ones. They have held up in the cellar so well in the jars. I think they processed much better and with longer lasting flavor than the other types. I think I'm going to focus on heirlooms this year and see if I can expand the garden a bit so we can enjoy the summer products next Hibernation Season.

I hope whatever season you happen to be in right now is one where you can find moments of unexpected peace and joy.

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