Lodging Amenities

Are you an independent lodging property owner? 

Add to your guest's total experience by providing them with a soap they won't forget. Hand-crafted, all-natural soap and skin care products made on our farm in Ohio.

All products are made with all-natural ingredients. Soaps are a saponificaiton of coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, soybean oil, castor oil, and high oelic sunflower oil. All scents are 100% pure essential oils and all colorants are 100% natural.

Our Live.Simple.Amenity bars come in packs of 140 for $105. Our Amenity Goat Milk bars are 140 for $115. 

Our Shampoo Bars are great for a no-waste, eco-friendly option, too. Those come in groups of 100 for $115.

Do you have a Gift Shop? You can sell Live.Simple.Soap retail.

We also offer custom labeling. Please contact me (Emily) for more information at info@livesimplesoap.com

Soap scents available:
Mint- peppermint essential oil with alfalfa powder for color
Outdoors- fir and cypress essential oils with a touch of bentonite clay
Sunshine- lemongrass essential oil with turmeric powder for color

Goat Milk Soap:
Pure- local goat milk, no scent, no color
Chamomile Oatmeal- local goat milk, chamomile, and oats

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