Live.Simple.Shampoo Bar

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Live.Simple.Shampoo Bar
Rosemary essential oil is touted as being a stimulating oil. When used on the scalp, there is evidence it can help stimulate hair growth and a healthy scalp. We pair it with the tea tree oil to create a bar that will not only cleanse, but help you maintain the health of your hair and scalp. Suitable for all hair types and color-treated hair.

There will be a transition period as your hair and scalp get used to a product with no additives or harmful ingredients. If you feel like the ends of your hair need a bit of softening after using the shampoo bar, you can drop a few squirts of apple cider vinegar into your palm and squish it on the ends of your hair and rinse. I promise you won't smell like a pickle and your hair will be soft and easy to work with. If ACV isn't your style, try a drop or two of almond oil or jojoba oil just on the ends to smooth and soften.

Contains no sulfates, no detergent.

Will last approximately 60 washes- your mileage may vary.