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Patchouli Lovers cannot be stopped. If you love patchouli, you'll love this soap. Pure patchouli oil and no other scent at all.

At Live.Simple. we make our soaps from scratch the authentic way: cold process. Every ingredient that we use has a specific purpose in our soap. Live.Simple.Soap cleanses well and leave your skin soft, cared for, and moisturized.

Over the past few years, soap has morphed into being synonymous with detergent. They are not the same. You use detergent in your laundry- you shouldn't use detergent on your skin. What is called a Beauty Bar, body wash, or a drug store soap is technically a detergent and created using chemicals and additives that are neither good for you nor good for your skin. The commercial brand soaps are designed to strip the oils from your skin which leaves your skin feeling dry, tight and itchy which then makes you feel as though you need a moisturizer or lotion, which leads your body to produce excess oil, which leads to you feel like you need to shower again, which leads to more lotion, which leads to more becomes a vicious cycle.

Handcrafted, cold process soaps keep the natural glycerine that is a naturally occurring component of fats and oils. It is a powerful humectant as it is known to draws moisture from the air to your skin which effectively and naturally can balance moisture levels.

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